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Hi all,

It’s official! Gatchaman II is coming on Blu-ray in Japan. It will be released as Number 93 in TC Entertainment’s ongoing “reasonably-priced” Anime Library of Memories line. Their product page.

All 52 episodes will be released on a mere two discs, which should be fine since they'll be on roomy BD-50s. The collection will be remastered into HD from original series negatives. The set will include new box art by Ippei Kuri and a reference booklet.

But the big question... The aspect ratio for the set is listed at 1.78:1 on Amazon Japan and the compatible 16:9 on TC Entertainment’s own site. It should be 1.33:1 (or 4:3), the old standard screen size.

UPDATE: Tatsunokofan owns the Gowapper 5 Blu-ray sets from this line and reports that although listed as 16:9 on the box, the picture is displayed at its correct 4:3 original aspect ratio. It is "pillar boxed" with black bars on the sides of the image. All should be fine with the Gatchaman II release.

There will be no English subtitles, although the release will be playable on North American Blu-ray players with no problem.

Gatchaman II and Gatchaman Fighter usually go hand-in-hand, so expect to see that announced shortly as well. Who knows, with new HD remasters, maybe Sentai will be able to eventually release the series on Blu-ray here in the US!

Release Date: September 28, 2018
Specs: 52 episodes, two discs, approximately 1300 minutes
Special Features: Clean opening and closing credit sequences, new Gatchaman II series trailer
Price: ¥ 30240 (about ($275.06 USD)
¥22,474 on Amazon Japan (about $204.43 USD)
By: TC Entertainment (Best Field Inc.)
Catalogue Number: BFTD-0275

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Hi all!

TC Entertainment has released a cover image for the set.


It is an original illustration created by Ippei Kuri, Producer and Character Designer for the series, as well as one of the three brothers who founded Tatsunoko.


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