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Originally posted by GrumpyGhostOwl
Does the old cabbage leaf trick work for mastitis? Or is that for something else?

I've heard of it, but didn't do it. Nothing actually backs up that it does anything really. Though the coolness of the leaf could ease pain.
A hot water bottle eases it, brings on the flow, and massaging the ducts. (Put the baby on the infected side even if its hurts, babies suckling is better than pumping machines, they have a different suction two way that drains it out better.) My DH was a dairy farmer in his youth, and had to deal with it all the time in livestock. He has a good knowledge in lactation. He taught me the best way deal with it before it becomes an infection. (That's what mastitis is. That's handy to have around!) He also pointed out to do that massaging regularly so it doesn't block up. He's in IT but a farm education comes in handy! lol DH has been helpful in my son's refusal in the first week. We worked out the problem, and he's learning how to latch properly.

I supplemented with formula until my milk came in. Takes 4 days with me, and until it caught up to demand in the first week. Now I have some frozen as well. So he has a supply for lower milk days. I had concerns being in my late 40s that I would have less than younger mothers. Not so it appears.

You can build up the milk, but it means feeding more often at first. Its what I did with twins, and mostly they got breastmilk for the first 7 months, and this time too with one baby. I'm almost past the hardest stage. He's 5 weeks old and learning how to latch on properly. Takes a baby a while to get it right every feed.

DH will do a bottle with him at times for 5am feed to give me a break, but still have to express 2 hours later if I do that.

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That is one handy hubby!

Would you be willing to wait in line for 6-7 hours for a ride in the new Star Wars section of Disneyland/Disney's Hollywood Studios?

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