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Hi all,

It looks like this thread might have gotten wiped after the board move, sorry if it gets posted twice.

February 25 saw the release of the official companion book for the recent Infini-T Force television series and feature film. It is a “mook (magazine/book)” format, squarebound softcover.

A surprisingly complete making-of book, it covers an amazing amount of material in its 120 pages. Not all of it is as in-depth as it could be, but the range of with new interviews and artwork makes up for that.

Key production personnel including the series’ director, producer, story editor, storyboard artist, character and mechanical designers, CG director, voice actors and many, many more are given anywhere from four pages to a few paragraphs to discuss their parts in the creation. Those are by no means the only people interviewed, just a taste of the roughly 25 individuals included.

Additional nice sections are decently-sized sections devoted to the roots of the four heroes in Infini-T Force - with a few “new” pieces of vintage model sheet artwork. Interviews with original Tatsunoko employees involved with multiple series like Hiroshi Sasagawa (writer/creator), Yoshitaka Amano (character designer), Kunio Okawara (mechanical designer) include their thoughts and memories of working at the studio. If that wasn’t enough, there is a new dual interview with Katsuji Mori and Isao Sasaki, the original voices of Ken and Joe.

Artwork of Infini-T Force pre-production designs, CG test shots, behind-the-scenes photos, frame grabs, before and after comparisons, physical work/acting spaces, production personnel and cast abounds in this full-color, cleanly designed book. It is in Japanese, but the amount of photos and English text will allow most to understand what’s being shown.

One final nice touch - the inside of the dust jacket is divided into four sections, each presenting a number of full-color frame grabs from the original Gatchaman, Casshan, Polimar and Tekkaman series. Very cool!


It can be easily purchased at locations like:

CD Japan

Amazon Japan

Title: Tatsunoko Legends - Infini-T Force - 3DCG Revolution Infini-T Force Official Book
Released: February 25, 2018
Page Count: 120 pages
Price: ¥ 2500 (about $23.54 USD)
Published by: Tokyo News Communication Company

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Hmm, tempting, even if I can't read it. Smile

Eagle Whisperer

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I got this already, the artwork is beautiful even if I can’t read 90% of it! Ebay has it as well

Dang it!

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