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Hi all!

Along with the new promotional video, the Infini-T Force website ( also opened up a number of new areas. One of these is the section on the main characters that will be appearing in the series. Surprisingly, their descriptions of the characters are not simply a cut-and-paste from their earlier descriptions, and actually include some new information. For the main Tatsunoko heroes, this come in the form of providing a few vague details about what has happeend to the characters since their various series finished. I know, I know, you're hoping it will give detail about what happened after the end of Gatchaman Fighter. Alas, they ignore that and just assume that the battle with Gallactor has continued unabated. *Sigh*

Regardless, assuming you want to see the updated character descriptions, here they are!

Gatchaman/Ken Washio
CV: Tomokazu Seki

Age: 24-years-old

The Leader of the Science Ninja Team, a 5-man special team that fights using science and martial arts as Science Ninpo, opposing the evil organization Gallactor in their plans to conquer the world. His code name is G-1, as well as Ken, the Eagle. "Gatchaman" is the title of the Leader. With the battle against Gallactor continuing for a long time, and intensifying, he commands his group as a strong and severe Leader.

Tekkaman/Joji Minami
CV: Takahiro Sakurai

Age 22-years-old

With the Earth on the verge of destruction, to defend humanity against attacks from the invader Waldaster, he uses a system installed in the support robot Pegas to transform into the Space Knight Tekkaman. During experiments in Leap Navigation, a spatial transfer device that is part of the plan to migrate out of the solar system, the existence of parallel worlds was accidentally discovered. Rather than traveling to various alien worlds in space in search of a new world for humanity, he instead travels to different worlds.

Polymar/Takeshi Yoroi
CV: Kenichi Suzumura

Age: 20-years-old

Wearing a special suit from the transforming helmet "Polymet," he is a crimefighter who battles criminals of the city by making full use of "Hariken Style," a Kempo technique he created. He hid his identity and worked as an assistant at a detective agency, but the Chief Detective was hospitalized to recover from a long-term illness. While protecting the agency as a surrogate Chief Detective, he continues to fight against evil as Polymar.

Casshan/Tetsuya Azuma
CV: Soma Saito

Age: ?-years-old

In order to fight against the robot militia Andro Army, which had rebelled against humanity, he is a young boy who became a new type of android, the "New Style Human." Along with Friender, his robot dog companion, he destroyed the Andro Army. However, Dr. Azuma, his father and the developer of the New Style Human, died. Though he has spent such a long time without ever losing hope of one day returning to being human, he scarcely feels any human emotions.

Emi Kaido
CV: Ai Kayano

Age: 17-years-old
A high school girl who lives in present day Shibuya. She always has a cool attitude toward anything, and has behaviors that keep others away from her.

Raja Kaan
CV: Hiroki Yasumoto

A deformed man who is more than 3 meters tall, he always follows Z.

Damian Gray
CV: Daisuke Hirakawa

Speaking in a characteristic manner, he is a customer at the Yoroi Detective Agency.

Belle Lynn
CV: Kana Hanazawa

An alien. She wants "something" that Z possesses.

CV: Atsushi Ono

A mysterious man who engages in the secret maneuvers behind the strange happenings around the entire world. Everything about his true identity is unknown.

Anyway, the post series details for the other heroes were interesting, at least for me. For Hurricane Polymar, the series did end with Takeshi continuing his role as as assistant to the bumbling P.I. Joe Kuruma. It's a little sad to think of poor Joe ending up stuck in a hospital because of a lengthy illness. At least he's doing better than Casshan's father! The series ended as described, with the defeat of the Andro Army. However, both of Casshan's parents were also still alive, and his mother was no longer stuck inside the robot swan Swanee (Yes, I know how that sounds. It makes a bit more sense in context). Apparently his father died before he could do a similar type of extraction to get Tetsuya out of Casshan's body. Now that's depressing.

The description for Tekkaman probably needs some explanation. To begin with, in the world of Tekkaman, the Earth is dying. Mankind has used up the planet's resources and have polluted the planet beyond repair. Because of this, the Space Development Center has launched a program to travel into deep space in hopes of finding a "second Earth" for humanity to use as a new home. This is happening at the same time that Waldaster, aliens from outside our solar system, decide to make our system part of their domain. While much of the series is spent on Joji Minami and his fellow Space Knights as they battle Waldaster, there is an ongoing plot thread of the efforts to find a second Earth. The series was cancelled, and finished without a resolution. The series ends with Tekkaman and his robot Pegas locked in battle with Waldaster while the other Space Knights vanish while performing a test flight of the Leap Navigation system, a type of space warp technology that was supposed to allow them to travel vast distances of space in a matter of moments. Did the Leap Navigation system work? Did Tekkaman finish his battle in space before the 37 minute, 33 second time limit for his Tekk-armor ran out? Tune in next week and episode of the animal documentary series "Dobutsu Tengoku." You can bet there were a few very upset kids out there. Regardless, from the description here, we can assume that Tekkaman did survive his battle, and that the Leap Navigation test provided a means to travel to parallel worlds, not a means to travel through space, and that tekkaman has been trying to find a good one for humanity to move to ever since.

Also, if you go to the Infini-T Force website and check the "Character" section, you'll find images of each of the characters in their CG forms, but putting your mouse over them will reveal the original drawings for those characters, allowing you the opportunity to compare how they were conceived and how they ended up appearing.

On a related by different subject, I was in Barnes & Nobel earlier this week, and I spotted the first volume of the Infini-T Force manga sitting on the shelves. I've got the book, and would definitely recommend that you give it a try. They did a very good job with the translation, and manage to capture the different character's "voices" quite well. So go pick up a copy! I think you'll enjoy it!


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I really want the English one but am too broke to be buying stuff like that right now, so I'll wait. Smile Thanks for the updates James!

Because I like to speculate ... maybe the KNT survived Fighter but is fighting the remnants of Galactor without an alien leader by this point.

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