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Hi all!

Infini-T Force isn't even on the air yet, but that hasn't stopped the announcement of a new piece of merchandise for it! Yes, the Infini-T Force website has announced that the ending theme for the series will be a song named "Tick Tock," and will be sung by a lady named edda (Yes, edda, not Edda).

The CD single for that song will be released on October 11th, a mere 8 days after the series October 3rd premiere. The single will be released in 3 versions. The regular version will have a standard cover, the second version will come in an anime jacket cover. Both of these versions will retail for 1,200 yen. The third version will come with the CD and a DVD. The exact contents of the DVD have not been announced, but based on other similar releases, are likely to be a music video for the song and perhaps a "Making of" video. This version will retail for 1,800 yen.

No word yet on the opening theme song, but I would expect to hear word about that in the near future.


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