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Hi all!

As expected, some additional news for Infini-T Force came from Anime Japan, aside from the promotional video I posted about earlier.

During the public days of the show (The first 2 days of the 4 day even are for industry professionals and their clients only), Nippon TV held two Infini-T Force events to promote the series.

At the first of these, Chief Director Kiyotaka Suzuki revealed that the series will run for 12 episodes. He also revealed that the animators will be using motion capture as a basis of their modeling for the characters. In that sense, each character will be being portrayed by two people; the motion capture model and the voice actor. Mr. Suzuki said that he is approaching the series as something of a sequel to the original Tatsunoko Hero shows, showing those same heroes as adults. He also noted that all of the Tatsunoko Hero shows draw upon the love between parents and children, and that is something that he hopes to draw upon for this production as well.

At the second of the events, Ken's voice actor, Tomokazu Seki, revealed the names of the actors portraying the other Tatsunoko Heroes. These include Takahiro Sakurai as Tekkaman, Kenichi Suzumura as Hurricane Polymar, and Soma Saito as Casshan. After the announcement, the Infini-T Force website was update with the news, and included statements by each of the voice actors about their roles. Here's what they had to say:

Tekkaman/Joji Minami: Takahiro Sakurai
I’m Takahiro Sakurai, Joji Minami in Infini-T Force.
It is an honor to be part of a big project commemorating the 55th Anniversary of Tatsunoko Production.
Tekkaman is a masterpiece that has been animated several times.
What kind of activity will you see in this work that gather the Tatsunoko Heroes…?!!
I will do my best, so please make sure to watch!

Polymar/Takeshi Yoroi: Kenichi Suzumura
I’m Kenichi Suzumura, and I’ll be playing the role of Takeshi Yoroi.
For my generation, it was like we were raised on Tatsunoko productions!
Every time I saw a TV, there was a hero there!
Now has come the day when I get to play one of those heroes, "Hurricane Polymar!"
I will challenge myself with the intention of giving back to the hero who gave me plenty of memories and inspiration!
I will give voice to support Polymar’s kung fu action!
Please look forward to the battles of the Tatsunoko Heroes in this latest film!

Casshan/Tetsuya Azuma: Soma Saito
I’m Soma Saito, who has been chosen to serve in the role of Tetsuya Azuma/Casshan this time.
Casshan’s voice has been loved by many people from across time, I didn’t believe that I would be allowed to take charge of it, so I am unable to contain my tension and excitement.
With awareness and confidence, I will give it my full strength!
Thank you very much!

Also, it's worth noting that the third volume of the collected Infini-T Force manga is being released in Japan on April 5th.


Since these seem to be coming out every 6 months, Volume 4 will likely come out in October, just as the TV series is starting. Since they've already had covers with Emi and Ken, Emi and Polymar, and now Emi and Casshan, I'd say it's a safe bet that Volume 4 will have Emi and Tekkaman.

Sadly, at this point, no one has announced a translated release of the manga outside of Japan. Maybe someday...


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