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Due to recent events which I am disappointed to see could not be resolved amicably between members I have been forced to look at the sites current stance on the use of Interactive Fiction.

Gatchamania's current rules over the use of IF on this site are quite clear, if you post within an IF on this site, then any storyline or characters you post on this site will be free reign for others to use, regardless of any copyright you may hold over them.

However it must be understood that these rules are only applicable to this site, rules cannot be transferred to other sites and visa versa.

If someone takes an IF from this site and posts it on another site, then they must accept the terms and conditions of use on that site and face any consequence for copyright infringment.

Let me also be clear that Gatchafanfic is in no way affiliated with, what happens on that site has nothing to do with this one, nor does its rules apply here as equally as our rules do not apply there (to which I am sure Julliean agrees).

It saddens me to see members of this site falling out with one another, especially over something as trivial as the use of a character or storyline (there are certainly much more important issues in life to fall out over).

However it would be rather remiss of me not to acknowledge the time, effort and indeed love you place into your stories and characters and that at some point passions will run high.

Indeed it is perhaps because of this that I feel upon review that currently is not adequately suited to handle IF's correctly in its current format.

Therefore IF's have been suspended on

You may continue to read the threads that are still available but any new IF's will be deleted.

Any posts within open IF's that are a continuation of the storylines will be deleted.

Anyone breaking these rules will be banned.

Thanks Cep Administrator Gatch

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