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Another game I loved when I was younger and still do very much. Final Fight re-defined the beat 'em up genre, and put Double Dragon completely to shame. It was different from other beat 'em ups. There were three different playable characters, and they weren't just pallet swaps of each other, and it's control scheme was very simple:One button to attack, one button to jump. And push both together for a special attack that takes away your energy if you use it too much. We have Guy, a master of the Bushinryu fighting style. He's the fastest, but the weakest, I still think he's awesome though. Then we have Cody, the in between character who is a street boxer, and he's going after Mad Gear (the villains in the game) to save his girlfriend Jessica from them. And then we have Haggar, who is the strongest, but the slowest. He is Jessica's father, and the mayor of Metro City. He's also a former professional wrestler. I was so obsessed with this game when I was a kid. So obsessed that it got me in trouble a couple of times. The music for this game was done by the legendary Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, who has also contributed to Megaman and Street Fighter.


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