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As a guy who doesn't care for RPG's that much, it's ironic that I find myself a big fan of the Phantasy Star franchise. I've never beaten any of them though. There are periods of weeks where I'll be playing them lots of days and saving my progress and picking up where I left off the next day I play, but I always forget about it after those periods of weeks and fixate on something else. Still I really like it because I thought the characters were great. These are short opinions of mine on the first four titles in the franchise:

Phantasy Star (198Cool=I think it's the best 8-bit RPG ever made. And it's my favorite game on the Sega Master System, followed by Zillion and then Shinobi.

Phantasy Star II (1989)=I thought this was the best of the franchise, because I liked the characters and the music.

Phantasy Star III:Generations of Doom (1990 [Japan]/1991 [rest of the world])=This game's really underrated. Many people don't like this one because of how different it is from the first two, because a different team had worked on it, and it had a more medieval-like setting, while the previous two had a more futuristic-like setting. It really doesn't deserve the bad rep it has.

Phantasy Star IV:The End of the Millenium (1994)=Alot of people think this installment was the best. I don't agree (I think Phantasy Star II is the best like I said). While I do think it was good, and I love the characters Alys Brangwin and Rune Walsh and the fan support of the believed romance between them, it's not my favorite. Still very good though.

As for Phantasy Star Online, I played the first PSO on the Gamecube when I got in 2003 here and there that year, but haven't played it since. Phantasy Star Zero was just too frustrating. I never played Phantasy Star Portable or Phantasy Star Universe, but they don't look that interesting to me. I'm a big fan of the first four though games from the late 80's and early 90's though.


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I never played them but always wanted too, I remember seeing it for the Sega Master System back in the day. I think I may have actually bought it a few years ago when I was buying up retro games but not sure I have got around to playing it yet.

As for best 8-bit RPG, Ultima 4 was my favourite on the Sega MS, its just a huge shame the port to console had a bug in it which meant you could never ever complete the game but still bloody fantastic.

Thanks Cep Administrator Gatch

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no, but i will be playing FFXIV. is that close?

and i spent like, forever graphing one of the Ultima games - forget which one. i still have the binder with everything carefully mapped out. Put together, it covers the living room floor.

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