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Reading Recommendation
Fic: A Different Heroism
Author: Jane Lebak
Genre: Drama

Originally nominated by Cathrl and seconded by Amethyst. Review written by Amethyst.

Despite being a Condor fan, for a long time I avoided reading this story. Not being very religious, nor seeing many religious motifs in the series, I chose to read other stories that I thought more plausible. One day, after watching grainy versions of episode eighty-one, Duel on Galactor Island, I chose to give this story a chance. It turned out to be one the better stories that I’ve read. It is less of a story about religion and more of a story of recovery, perseverance, self-discovery, and choosing to take a risk into the unknown.

This story is set at the end of the first series and changes the course of the Science Ninja Team so that knowledge of the last two series is not needed. The characters are recognizable for who they are and the original characters are some of the best that I have read and are believable in their supporting roles.

This one shot and the others in the series are a must read for any Condor fan and are enjoyable for any fan of the team.

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