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The Recommended Reads section of Gatchamania.Net is an area to recommend a Gatch related fic from anywhere in the fandom that you feel the author deserves praise and a thank you. Fics must not be your own.

This means you may recommend any fic, from anyone, which is based on,

  • Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman

  • Battle of the planets

  • G-Force

  • Eagle Riders

Recommendations may lead on to receive a Forum Favourite award if,

  • The author approves the recommendation to be showcased

  • The fic achieves enough recommendations

Fics that receive an award will eventually end up in the Hall of Fame.

Once recommendations have been made by users, the author will be contacted as to whether they approve on having their fic showcased, if they approve or if they are in hiatus the fic will be showcased.

A showcase thread will be started for that fic and any and all discussion shall be held their by the members of Gatchamania.Net to share their opinions on the recommendation.

If the author does not wish to showcase their fic it will remain as a recommendation only.

Thanks Cep Administrator Gatch

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