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Hi all,

I mentioned this model kit was teased last year on my message boards, but I don't think I put it up here. However, Wave Corporation has just released more information about their upcoming God Phoenix model. Here are some new photos and specifics.



Side, with landing gear option

God Phoenix in hovercraft mode, with G-1 through G-4 vehicles

Since these are all prototype photos, some detailing and decal options may change in the final.

Information from Wave (with some additional from me):
Tatsunoko Production's masterpiece, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, shines brightly in the history of Japanese animation. The main ship of the Science Ninja Team will be done as a plastic model. Although the kit is non-scale, its length will be 22cm (approximately 8.66 inches) and full of details.

It can be displayed in either flying or landing configurations, with landing gear deployed (there is no mention of an included display base for flying mode). The Ninja Team's individual vehicles, G-1 through G-4 will be included, with the ability to show them on the God Phoenix in their joining up sequences. Additional details will include include being able to display the God Phoenix in Hovecraft mode (its wings appear to cant downward), with its bottom thrust vents open or closed, and also with its Bird Missiles and Super Bird Missile hatches opened or closed.

God Phoenix plastic model kit
Company: Wave Corporation
Price: ¥8,580 (approximately $69.41USD)
It can be pre-ordered right now from Hobbylink Japan for $59.31USD
Release Date: June, 2022
- Non-scale
- Glue and paint required
- Product code: GR-011

It looks like the initial drawings that were teased last year have followed through for a great-looking kit!

The Other Jason

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