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Gender: Female
birthday: 13.04.1967
Style: Blue

Location: The Hammer (ie the armpit of Ontario)
Interests: Poking dead things with a stick, target practice at tin cans & guys in green retro suits, subscribes to various rags...(Guns & Ammo, Cars, Puppies, Bird Missile Fetish etc,) and generally creating havoc and blowing things up.
Occupation: HBC Stock Bee-otch
Away Message: You mean she actually got a vacation?
Livin' in Sin since '93 Furchildren: Tika- (f) Pitbull/Rhodesian Ridgeback Sugar- (f) Calico cat Spike- (m) black cat Baby Boi- (m) grey/brown/black/white tabby cat

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Putting the "Con" in Condor....Ooooo... shiny red button!
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