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Posted by tatsunokofan on 15-05-2020 at 04:53:

Gatchaman and Kumamoto Toyopet Collaboration

Hi all!

As some of you are probably aware, two years ago, the Kumamoto Toyopet car dealership in Kumamoto, the capitol city in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan, did a collaboration campaign with Gatchaman. Well, they're doing it again, and this time they've got a series of commercials to go with it! 

The six commercial spots use familiar footage from Gatchaman, combined with new dialogue. The voices are not the original actors, and they speak with a Kumamoto area dialect, but I figured you'd all probably still want to watch them. All six spots can be found here:

The spots have very brief descriptions, a quick translation of which are as follows:

Ken's Transfer
A salesman suggests a transfer to Ken. How will he decide!?

Jun's Holiday
That day is a holiday. Jun plans on going out, but worries about time. Where is Jun going?

Joe's Trouble
Joe is worried about something. What is he worried about?

Sosai Goes Out
Berg Katse tries to sooth Sosai when he wants to go out, but will Sosai hear what he says??

Berg Katse's Melancholy
Thinking about something, Berg Katse sighs. What is it that worries him?

Emergency Dispatch
The Doctor issues Gatchaman and the others an emergency dispatch order. Where are they going?

The Kumamoto Toyopet website also makes use of some Gatchaman character graphics. If you wish to noodle around their site to see them, their website can be found here;

I hope you'll enjoy this!


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