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Posted by tatsunokofan on 01-05-2020 at 01:58:

Storm Collectibles Announces Gatchaman License

Hi all!

Hong Kong-based Storm Collectibles made an announcement on their twitter account that they have a license to make Gatchaman product. You can see the announcement here:

As you can see, the announcement has no details about -- well-- pretty much anything you'd want to ask. A look at their website shows that they do highly detailed action figures in various sizes (6 inches tall, 12 inches tall, 18 inches tall), and I've read elsewhere that they also do figure statues. I've also read more than one comment that there is frequently a very, very long wait between when they announce a license and when a product actually appears, sometimes on the order of several years. So, while the announcement itself might be exciting, I wouldn't start holding my breath waiting to add anything from them to my collection. But, eventually....


Posted by tatsunokofan on 17-10-2020 at 21:18:

Hi all!

A week or so ago, Storm Collectibles posted a few pictures of the prototype of their upcoming Ken figure, along with the message:

"Storm Collectibles is proudly presents our new licensing partner Tatsunoko Production to release their legendary character action figure: Gatchaman ! 1st Prototype is shown in the images (Pending approval) Final release is coming soon !"





No further information like anticipated release date or pricing as of yet, but I figured you all might enjoy seeing what's coming.


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