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Using the Calendar
» What is the Calendar for?
» What are Public events?
» What are Private events?
» What is the overview for?
» Why can't I post any events?

What is the Calendar for?

The Calendar is for forum members to organise events on the forums or even as a private reminder service.

It can be used to create events for public or private use, as a way to list birthdays or in the most simplest case just to find a date :D.

What are Public events?

A public event is one you wish to share with other forum members. For example you wish to announce a real life event that other members can attend, or that you wish other users to know.

By creating a public event any users within the usergroups you allow to view the event will be able to read the information you have provided. It is also possible if you have the correct permissions to create a thread from the event.

By creating a thread from the event you will be able to receive feedback on the forums directly related to your public event.

What are Private events?

Private events are much the same as public except only you will see them. This means you can record reminders for yourself that you may not wish other members to see.

Creating a private event is very similar to creating a public event except you cannot choose who will view the event, as only you will be able too.

What is the overview for?

The calendar overview will display all viewable events to you except birthdays from a date range of your choosing.

You can further narrow your results by selecting only those events which are private to yourself or viewable to certain user groups.

Why can't I post any events?

If you are a guest or do not have the correct permissions you will not be allowed to post events or in some cases view them. Contact the administrator if you are having problems.