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Using the Gallery
» What type of pictures can I upload?
» How do I upload pictures to the gallery?
» Are there any type of restrictions?

What type of pictures can I upload?

The Gallery allows you to upload pictures of your artwork, any gatch related material you may want to share with other members or pictures of friends and family.

It is not however permitted to post pornographic material, advertisments or any material deemed as being sexist, racist or demeening to a particular group, doing so is a clear violation of the rules of conduct and users will be banned and in some circumstances reported to the necessary authorities.

The Gallery is broken down into categories for your ease of use. Please upload any images to the appropriate section. If however you would like a new section to be created please contact the Administrator.

How do I upload pictures to the gallery?

To Upload a picture simply enter the gallery section whilst logged in and towards the bottom of the page near the footer announcement is a small link called "Add image to gallery".

You will then be taken to a new page where you can enter as much or as little information about your image as you like. You will also need to select an appropriate category for your image to be displayed in.

Are there any type of restrictions?

The only restrictions accept those already mentioned about appropriate images are that only jpg or png formats are accepted by the system. This is firstly due to the restrictions of the gallery software and secondly to prevent bitmaps being uploaded.