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Reconciliation part 2 Discussion Edit this Post Download
Author: Ebonyswanne
Title: Reconciliation part 2
Version: 1.0
Description: Summary:

Set in Gatchaman Fighter;

Jun pulled away slightly to as something caught her eye over in the far corner of the room hidden under the window curtain. Ken followed her gaze to an empty open box, and then she quickly scanned the room.

“Someone’s been in here…”Jun’s voice became cautious. She stood up and walked over and picked up the box and her face turned white as a sheet.

“What was in that box?” Ken asked joining her.

“Pictures of Dyami…and a letter from Natasha and Matt about his milestones.” Jun’s eyes widened with fear. “And this…” She held up a small symbol of Galactor. Ken pursed his lips and felt his hands becoming sweaty at the implications of what that symbol meant. At the same time they held up their hand to their face. ”Bird go…”

The sound of clanging pots jolted them out of their thoughts as they both dashed towards the stairs.

Warning Rated: 18+ Some sexual scene's in this story.
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