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Author: Transmute Jun
Title: Inhibitions Part 5
Version: 1.0
Description: When the Condor is administered a Galactor drug, the consequences are unexpected.

Warning: This fic contains MATURE sexual content and pictures. This fic is not for download by minors.


"Don't move."ordered the Swan, as she aimed her sonic gun at Gel Sadra's position.

But the Galactor Leader was too well-practiced at escape to surrender. Snarling, she flipped her billowing cape around herself, using the distraction to open a hidden panel in the wall. Gel Sadra felt a blast from the Swan's weapon scorch her leg as she ran, but was able to close the opening behind her, preventing her enemy's pursuit.

Jun was frustrated by Gel Sadra's escape, but her primary concern was Joe.

"Are you all right?" she asked, as her teammate thrashed on the table in front of her.

His eyelids snapped open and he stared disbelievingly into her face.

"Jun..." he whispered, grabbing her shoulders tightly. "You're real..."
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