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Joy to the World: Remembrance Discussion Edit this Post Download
Author: Transmute Jun
Title: Joy to the World: Remembrance
Version: 1.0
Description: Sequel to Grief. Jun remembers her fallen friend during the holidays.


We had left him there, on that cold Himalayan plain; left him alone, to die without the rest of us, even though I had always promised myself that I would never abandon him if he needed me.

He had needed me.

I had let him down.

Of all of the times to listen to Ken, instead of to my heart, I had chosen the worst one possible.

Maybe, if I had stayed with him...

I had been down this road before. Maybe... what if... could have been... I just didn't know what would have happened had I stayed with Joe. We had never found his body. Perhaps he had been buried in some deep chasm created by the earthquakes. And I would be dead too...
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