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Joy to the World: Grief Discussion Edit this Post Download
Author: Transmute Jun
Title: Joy to the World: Grief
Version: 1.0
Description: Lost in memories of his family, Joe just wants to be alone at Christmas. But is he going to get his wish?


I had only been four at the time, so I guess most of the memories were of the last couple of months they had been alive, because all of them seemed to relate to Christmas in some way. Whenever I closed my eyes I saw my parents decorating a Christmas tree, giving me a present, taking me to see Santa Claus, making hot apple cider...

Whenever I looked at a Christmas tree, or saw stores with holiday shoppers... or heard one of those damned Christmas carols... all I could see was my parents. My grief for them, and my sense of loss, had intensified to a point where I found it almost impossible to deal with.

I just couldn't face Christmas this year, with their memories haunting me at every turn.
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