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Invasion of the G-Force Snatchers Discussion Edit this Post Download
Author: Transmute Jun
Title: Invasion of the G-Force Snatchers
Version: 1.0
Description: Zoltar has a new plan to eliminate G-Force. Can Mark stop him?


"This doesn't exactly seem like a critical location to destroy." Mark commented.

"Trust me, the entire base will be destroyed just as if Jason had shot one of the TBXs at it." Princess said as she worked. "But this location is more geologically stable, and not likely to cause the planetary structure to crumble."

"I just think the Chief didn't want me to shoot any missiles." Jason grumbled. "No one around here lets me have any fun."

"I think fun's coming our way!" Mark told him as he listened at the door. "I hear someone coming!"

"Oh, good, I was starting to think that the Happiness Boys didn't like us anymore." Jason smirked.
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