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Author: Transmute Jun
Title: Tapestry
Version: 1.0
Description: A fic for Amyltrer. Warning for some adult content.

Summary: Count Egobossler is about to undergo a change in his destiny... but there is more to that change than meets the eye.


Word had come to the village that the old Count had died. The circumstances were mysterious, and filtered rumors reached her ears, stating that the man had been murdered by one of his servants. Apparently his son Kaseru had fallen ill as a result of this devastating news. He had recovered, but there had been some strange side effects of the disease, and it was said that his skin now had a strange blue tone, and that his hair had gone white.

In the last few weeks, it had seemed that the new Count had walked right from his sickbed and into his study, where he had begun a military conquest of the world. Every day now, they heard of another country that had fallen to the might of the Egobossler armies.

It appeared that Kaseru Egobossler was destined to rule the world.
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