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on or off   Interactive Fiction
This is your chance to interact with your favorite costumed heroes! Choose any character from anywhere, or make one up on your own, and start writing!
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     Unknown  by  Transmute Jun
10-07-2011 14:09
on or off   Rubber Room
Complete with padded walls, this is the area to post fiction, art and other topics not for the faint of heart and innocent of mind. (By entering this forum you agree that you are not classed as a minor in your country.)
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     Unknown  by  mylari
30-12-2018 22:00
on or off   The Chat Logs
Did you join in a great roleplay session at the Kit Katse Klub or the forum chatrooms? Did you come in late or leave early, or did you miss it altogether? Posted here are some of the best roleplay sessions and chats from our real time chatrooms!
136 9
     Unknown  by  Madilayn
04-07-2010 08:59
on or off   The Writers Block
Need a beta reader for you new fanfic? Looking for someone to with whom to write? Look no further! Drop in with ideas, stories and plot ideas and receive some great constructive criticism. Don't forget--we welcome all fan and original fiction, in any genre!
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     Unknown  by  Daniella T
19-11-2023 21:51
on or off   Editorials & Essays
Post all your non-fiction essays, articles and editorials here. All topics welcome--looks like it's time to dig out all those old university term papers!
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     Unknown  by  Katblu42
06-02-2021 09:23
on or off   The Artists Pallete
Want to broaden your knowledge of artist software? Or need a certain pic, or a hint on how to draw Joe's slightly upturned nose? Come in and share your techniques and your artwork.
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     Unknown  by  Ebonyswanne
04-11-2021 04:03
on or off   We Challenge You!
Visit here to read the latest monthly fiction and art challenges. All submissions welcome!
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     Unknown  by  KT1972
04-07-2024 07:18
on or off   Hobbies & Crafts
We know you do more in your leisure time than visit Gatchamania! Tell us what you pursue in your free time, post some how-to and info articles and see if you can get us hooked on your hobby!
475 32
     Unknown  by  ChrisW
12-05-2014 05:51
on or off   Cosplay Center
Whether you're new to cosplay and sewing, or you're a pro, feel free to ask questions, post your cosplaying experiences and provide links to your latest costumes! We'll help you through your cosplay every step of the way.
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     Unknown  by  Kritter
01-12-2014 07:19
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